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Object Gallery

The object gallery contains objects which can be embedded into the 3D window. The objects in the gallery are organized in the following top folders:

  • Local Gallery - contains objects stored on the local computer. That is the default folder used at Mama start.
  • My Gallery - contains objects stored on the local computer under the user home directory. These objects are either objects that were stored manually in the user home directory, or objects that were saved by the user using the option save object to my library.
  • Web Gallery - contains objects stored on Mama website. These objects are accessible while connected to the Internet.
When and object is embedded into the 3D window, it is also added to the current world, as can be seen in the object tree window.

Within Local Gallery and Web Gallery objects are organized into hierarchical folders. Clicking an object displays short information about the object and its author, enabling the user to embed it in the current position in the 3D window. Alternatively, the object can be dragged and dropped at a custom location in the 3D window.

Using the Search Gallery button you can search the gallery - locally or on the web - for objects by their name or part of it.

The Local Gallery contains three special buttons:

  • shebuilder and hebuilder - let you create a new character and customize its subparts, as well as its cloths, and embed it into the world.
  • Create 3D Text - create and embed of 3D text into the world.