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Details Area

The details area is located at the bottom left part of Mama window. It contains the currently selected object's details - properties, methods and functions - organized in three tabs.

When you edit the program, the details area provides a complete selection of the object details to be dragged into the program editor:
  • properties tab - shows current properties of the object, and lets you create new properties. In this tab you can also select from some special
    • Seldom Used Properties - like isBoundingBoxShowing, shadingStyle, etc.
    • Sounds - select a sound, import an existing sound file or record a new sound.
    • Texture Maps - select or import a texture map.
  • methods tab - shows the user defined methods (if any) and the standard methods of the object.
  • functions tab - shows the user defined functions (if any) and the standard functions of the object.